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Diabetes Care Recognition

Awarded to Memorial Clinical Associates on Achievement of Recognition for Excellence in the Delivery of Quality Care by IPRO.

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Memorial Clinical Associates (MCA), founded in 1989, is a full-service primary care health practice serving the Memorial, Katy and Spring Branch Communities. We offer exceptional care in the Heart of Memorial in Houston, Texas.

MCA is open 7 days a week (excluding holidays). We have physicians on call 24 hours a day for emergency and hospital care. At Memorial Clinical Associates, we strive to provide the highest standard of health care. As our healthcare system creates increasing challenges for patients and doctors, we remain focused on serving the needs of our patients.

Our staff works together to provide the best care available. We are passionate about educating our patients and informing you about treatments and prevention services offered. With modern technology and gentle care we are your respected resource for healthcare services and information.

MCA Cosmetic Dermatology Center

Where healthy skin begins ... Erasing time with complete and affordable skin rejuvenation.

Not only do we offer Houston’s best primary care but we can also handle your skin care needs at our MCA Cosmetic Dermatology Center.

Visit the MCA Cosmetic Dermatology website for more information at

For appointments and information on dermatology, call 713-407-3067.

Click here to visit MCA Dermatology's Website Click here to read about Texan Plus Insurance