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Awarded to Memorial Clinical Associates on Achievement of Recognition for Excellence in the Delivery of Quality Care by IPRO.

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MCA conducts clinical trials and pharmaceutical studies for various conditions and medications. Year round we perform both short term and long term clinical trials for pharmaceutical research studies.

Below are some current clinical trials and studies. If you would like to participate please be sure you read and meet all the qualifications associated.

COPD Prevention

An investigational research study with a COPD preventive medication — Dr. Miguel Franco and Dr. Richard Pohil


A research study for patients diagnosed with Asthma – Dr. Miguel Franco and Dr. Richard Pohil

Overactive Bladder

An investigational research study for OVERACTIVE BLADDER.  Targeting patients with frequent nighttime urination. This study lasts 14 weeks. The main study doctor is Dr. Miguel Franco.


A Diabetes study for patients diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. There are currently two studies – both directed by Dr. John Levins.

For more information and sign-up, please contact Celine Garcia, Research Study Coordinator at (713) 407-3076.

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