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Internal Care

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Yearly Physical Well Woman Exam
Acute Care / Chronic Illness  

Memorial Clinical Associates is a full-service primary care health practice serving the Memorial, Katy and Spring Branch Communities. We offer quality care in a variety of medical fields.

We provide in-depth consultations, evaluations and treatment plans with patients. The following are services we provide for internal health care:

Yearly Physical

A regular physical examination is extremely important. Our philosophy is that this close connection between physician and patient creates a relationship that helps the patient through difficult times.

It is vital for the physician to do a medical history evaluation so that we can get to know not only the present problem, but also what has occurred before. Past records must be reviewed and detailed questions asked, not only about symptoms but habits.

The actual exam is thorough and done by our experienced physicians so that the proper laboratory or diagnostic imaging examinations are done or ordered. Prior to leaving our clinic the physician will counsel and address specific health issues or questions you may have and discuss the courses of action or changes that might be needed. If the physician is to help a patient the most, an intimate and thorough knowledge of the patient is a must.

If you are a Texan Plus member Yearly Physicals are at NO COST.

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Well Woman Exam

Well woman exams are the foundation for wellness, healthy living, disease identification and management throughout your life. It’s no secret that healthy living and prevention increases your length and quality of life.

A regular well woman exam is not only about good medical care, but it also gives you the opportunity to learn more about healthy habits, counseling and an overall view of the best ways to take care of yourself and your family for a lifetime.

At Memorial Clinical Associated the well women exam is done in four parts: the health history, physical exam including a breast exam, pelvic exam with a pap smear and an assessment for other health problems. Remember to discuss all healthcare issues or general questions with your physician—your most trusted source for advice and healthy living.

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Acute Care / Chronic Illness

At Memorial Clinical Associates we treat both acute and chronic illnesses. An acute illness, like appendicitis or pneumonia, may be serious, but can be diagnosed, treated, and resolved in most cases.

A chronic illness is different. Receiving the diagnosis is only the beginning. You may see numerous specialists, who may need to do several tests before deciding on a final diagnosis. At MCA our caring staff is dedicated to consulting with each patient and answering any questions or worries that come up during and after the process. If you suffer or care for someone with a chronic illness, you're not alone. Common chronic illnesses such as arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, multiple sclerosis (MS), Lou Gehrig's Disease, and kidney failure affect nearly every American family. More and more families are coping with the changes and strains that come with long-term illness.

Be your own advocate by learning as much as you can about the condition. The more information you have, the more in control you will feel. Memorial Clinical Associates is a highly respected team of experienced physicians that can be your valuable resource of information and advice.

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