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Diabetes Care Recognition

Awarded to Memorial Clinical Associates on Achievement of Recognition for Excellence in the Delivery of Quality Care by IPRO.

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Memorial Clinical Associates is a full-service primary care health practice serving the Memorial, Katy and Spring Branch Communities. We are continually involved in clinical research opportunities and stay up-to-date on health news. We pride ourselves on the experience and education of our team. We offer the Houston area the highest quality healthcare available, and that starts with our staff.

Our staff is constantly updating and attaining new certifications for new applications and services to provide to our patients. Regular meetings and seminars at attended by all physicians at MCA. It is essential that each member of the Memorial Clinical Associates team is uncovering new information about diseases and preventative care, actively participating in clinical research and being a valuable resource for health news.

Current Studies

Please visit our Current Studies page for a list of Clinical Trials we are participating in. These studies are invaluable to finding new medicines and techniques for diagnosis and treatments.

Current News

The Current News portion of this website shows up-to-date information on specific items referring to health news and current services/offerings at Memorial Clinical Associates.

Media Relations

Thank you for your interest in Memorial Clinical Associates. For media relations, please contact Jeann Howse by email or phone with your inquiry (713) 407-3039.


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