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Awarded to Memorial Clinical Associates on Achievement of Recognition for Excellence in the Delivery of Quality Care by IPRO.

Richard Pohil, M.D., FCCP is board certified and specializes in internal medicine and pulmonary disease at Memorial Clinical Associates

Richard Pohil, M.D., FCCP

Internal Medicine & Pulmonary Disease - Board Certified
Phone: 713-407-3000

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“My residency was in ‘Primary Care’ internal medicine because I desired to be able to care for the total health of my patient. Chief residency, Fellowship, and research in lung disease allowed me added expertise and experience.”

Dr. Pohil, specializes in Internal Medicine and the treatment and management of pulmonary diseases. He, along with Dr. Franco, founded Memorial Clinical Associates in 1989. His a proud recipient of “Doctor of the Year” award from Memorial Health Care System.

He received his bachelor’s degree from Loyola University and his medical degree from Wayne State University.

After performing his residency at University of Texas Health Science Center, Dr. Pohil completed a pulmonary fellowship. Between fellowship, residency, and his time here at Memorial Clinical Associates he actively contributes as a member to a number of organizations such as; American Thoracic Society, Texas Medical Association, Harris County Hospital, and the Memorial Hospital Medical Board.

Dr. Pohil believes that, “Only through continuous attempts to keep ahead of medical change can one truly keep up with it. Medical knowledge and my experience combined are essential for quality health care.” He is continually staying on the forefront of diagnosing lung disease and treatments available, as well as overall health of the patient.

In his personal time he enjoys physical fitness and scuba diving, which reflects his personal philosophy: “To establish community/global ideas regarding medicine and health care. Only by promoting wellness and personal achievement in care for one’s own health can significant changed be made.”

“I have had continued support and encouragement from my wife, Linda, whose knowledge from her profession as a nurse, has proved invaluable.” – Dr. Pohil.

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